As a college student, and specifically as an international student, I ponder upon what the future holds. I think about the skills I may need to navigate financial and emotional hurdles I may be faced with in my career and in my professional life and I think about whether my identity as a woman will impact it?

After all, female children, at birth, based on the human capital approach of valuing life are valued less than male children. Simultaneously, there is increasing evidence that, on the binary, women outperform men at high school and university levels. According to a New…

“Am I smart enough for this?”, “Am I good enough?”, “Can I really do this?”- I asked myself these questions when I first applied to college, when I looked for scholarships, after I received a scholarship, when I changed my major to Economics, and after I successfully navigated quantitative courses related to the major. Even as I tried to enter the world of finance, I questioned: “Do I belong?”

My goal for the year 2021 is to work on my confidence. It is something I have struggled with for a long time. I grew up in an inclusive and supportive…

Christmas symbolizes a time for family. This year when so many of us are unable to see loved ones, I find myself reflecting on the people I grew up around and the people who raised me a little more than I usually do.

After all, it is well known that the people you grow up around- whatever your relationship with them may be- have a significant impact on one’s adulthood. It impacts how you keep your apartment, the food you cook, and- of course-how you think about money.

A recurring theme in the literature about finance is the importance of…

The adage is true: money makes the world go round. Our lives are centered around finance and yet there is such little education about it and confidence in managing it, especially among women.

After all, Finance is numbers. I find that women are socially, not inherently, conditioned, consciously or not, to stray away from quantitative fields.

An article by the American Psychological Association, supports my suspicion stating that there is virtually no difference between the cognitive, verbal or mathematical i.e. qualitative or quantitative, skills possessed by either sex (and presumably, any gender). …

Ahana Samat

Firm believer in the power of financial literacy for women

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